Calibration Products

Our Repeat-O-Meter allows you to quickly scan your plates for wear spots that may affect the accuracy of your measurements. This repeat reading gage inspects only repeat reading and not overall flatness. It can be used with any .375” stem indicator. Indicator and cases are sold separately.

Our Planekator Kits are used in the inspection of surface plate flatness. Each kit contains a calibrated granite straight edge with correction tape, a heavy duty case, two supports (one fixed, one adjustable), an indicator carriage and a .000020” dial indicator.

When choosing your Planekator straight edge, it should be at least equal to the full width, and at least equal to 50% of the length of the largest surface you will be inspecting. For example, a 36” Planekator straight edge can be used to calibrate any surface up to 36” x 72”.